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  • Mary O'Hoggden

    Mary comes from a family of hog farmers. After a brief interlude of adventuring, Mary returned to hog ranching at Raven's Roost. She looks up to adventurers and holds some envy and nostalgia for their trials and tribulations. Mary is particularly …

  • Tango Brasky

    Captain Brasky is a proud man, and his presence in Raven's Roost causes him a lingering amount of shame. In another life Tango Brasky was a Lieutenant in the Imperial Civilian Peacekeeping force. Like many people in the imperial city Brasky had tenuous …

  • Durgot

    Durgot is a human enchanter with glowing pale-blue hair. He is in a long standing feud/affair with Memarashi, and seeks revenge while seeking romance. He tends to pace a lot, and has strong opinions on morals.

  • Darla Leahaven

    Darla is the innkeep of the Raven's Nest, one of the most frequented taverns that can be found outside of the empire. She can often be found singing, humming, or whistling quietly to soothe the aches of adventurers that stay in her inn.

  • Flynn Bradshaw

    Flynn Bradshaw is an overly polite journalist originally from a small village on the outskirts of Amethyst Keep. For years he made a name for himself by identifying and outing rebel sympathizers in the city. It wasn't until after Tango Brasky had been …

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