Samantha Tapwater

Minator Librarian


Psion – Telekinetic


An imperial soldier found Samantha as a baby admist the ruins of the Minator village Asteron. Smuggling the mewling child home, Samantha is hidden from imperial forces and raised by the caring and extremely literate soldier. Finding her to be a bookworm, he sought out books to feed Samantha in her solitude, trading away his treasures to build her a collection.

In her teenage years Samantha is discovered in the imperial city. Her adoptive father Nicolai joins the rebel forces of the area and rescues her, fleeing the city and settling in Raven’s Roost. However, wounded in the battle which ensued in the rescue, Nicolai lives only a short time once reaching sanctuary. In his passing he urges Samantha to make a home amongst the rebels and live openly in a way she’s only known in books.

Now having reached adulthood, Samantha oversees the library, built partially on her own personal collection furnished by Nicolai. The library has been built into an ever increasing labyrinth, making checking out books extremely difficult.

Samantha Tapwater

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