Rival of Durgot in occulistry. Love/hate romance. Best friends/worst enemies.

Durgot: imperial wizard in past. Routine patrol for illegal magics. Found Memarashi, was sweet talked into letting her pass based on empty promises she offered. Now that they are both in hiding, their rivalry has bloomed based on this first encounter. However, Durgot is always drawn back to her. Human

Memarashi: Practicing her magics illegally, Memarashi guilty fills Durgot with empty promises to ensure her safety and freedom, and promptly disappears. When she later runs into Durgot in Raven’s Roost she refuses to lose face or admit her attraction to a former imperial wizard who would have hanged her. Their mutual hatred and attraction spurs the both to greater heights of occultism. Tiefling


Raven's Roost Korthax