Tango Brasky


Captain Brasky is a proud man, and his presence in Raven’s Roost causes him a lingering amount of shame. In another life Tango Brasky was a Lieutenant in the Imperial Civilian Peacekeeping force. Like many people in the imperial city Brasky had tenuous ties to the rebel forces. Like a minority of these people, Brasky lent the rebel forces aid.

During the height of his career, while being vetted for captain, his rebel ties are not only revealed, but blown vastly out of proportion by a reporter for the City Herald, Flynn Bradshaw. Brasky is pinned as a rebel sympathizer and enemy of the state, forcing him to flee with the true rebels. He quickly takes command of the moderate force, and escapes the city.

It’s in Raven’s Roost that Brasky and his force find sanctuary. Brasky is swiftly elected Captain of the Guard, and honored for his sacrifice. Tango is a loyal man, and fights to the death for his friends. He still seeks revenge against Bradshaw who destroyed his first career to further his own.

Tango Brasky

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