Burdak Copperkey


Burdak is a member of the Copperkey family of Dwarves, which is an ancestral branch of the Wetcopper family of old. Thus, he named the mines that he was foreman of excavating after his ancestral namesake. He was one of the original founders of Raven’s Roost, although he was never one for adventure before the emmigration.

That hasn’t stopped Burdak’s love for magic however. After trying many times in his free hours he’s realized that he has no propensity for the stuff, his hands made for gem and stone. Instead he seeks out magical items to fill his need for the mystical and powerful.

Burdak is abrasive, insulting, often with jokes and puns. But above all he is truthful, and sees to the heart of things.

Burdak Copperkey

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