Raven's Roost


JM: Long ago in my home country, a great war broke out. I was created to fight and to protect. Unfortunately that war ended in disaster and my creators are no more. So now I find myself searching.

AR: For?

JM: Whatever makes people, things, want to do something.

GA: You might have found it.

AR: Warforged, what is your name?

JM: I was never given a name. However, I believe I have found one for myself, as I have been on a long journey. You may call me Journeyman.

AR: Journeyman?

GA: I can think of a name for you. I’m good at names. This is Splitter.

JM: I have already seen that axe before.

GA: Oh, you can hold it if you want?

JM reaches out, but is unable to hold it, as his arms are capped with a sword and shield.

GA: This is why I hang out in the woods. I never say the right thing. I’ll go get another round…

AR: Well I too find myself on a similar quest as you, Journeyman. I look to find what makes beings… happy.

JM: Happy? That is not an emotion I have come across. All I’ve known is war and traveling and despair.

AR: Perhaps, together, we may be able to find… happiness.

GA: Uh… can we just find things to fight and stuff?

AR: That makes me happy.

GA: Oh, good enough.

JM (nodding): New experiences.

GA: Do you drink anything? I could get you something.

JM: No, I do not need to take in… anything.

GA: Do you like to?

JM: No.

AR: I feel as though, we alone, cannot set out on a journey. Perhaps if someone were to join us.

GA: Are you okay? You’re talking funny tonight.

AR: Tonight is the first night that we meet.

GA: But I’ve known you for a few months.

AR: Singing is far different from speaking. Would you like I speak more normal?

GA: We’re just meeting, and you’re talking about fate and destiny.

AR: That is what the drink does to me.

Every shard has a destiny.

AR: I feel as though I’ve had too much to drink.

JM: The small ones seem to react more from the drink.

AR: This may be true, but the small ones also know when to stop the drink.

JM: That is a good characteristic.

The shardmind looks at Airella, attempting to size up her ability to restrain herself.

AR: And on that note, I’m debating retiring from the bar early, as I’ve had much to drink.

A somber looking dwarf bursts into the Raven’s Nest.

Burdak: Oooh Geneva, poor me one, my old dwarfen heart needs a soothing for sure.

Distraught? (to Burdak)

GA: Put it on my tab! (he goes over and puts a hand on Durek’s back) You okay? What’s wrong?

Burdak: It’s gotten worse. Much worse.

GA: What has?

Burdak: The mines, can’t even go back anymore.

GA: Why?

Burdak: Overrun. Spooks. Ghosts. Ghouls. It’s haunted, I swear! They’re not mortals, they’re immune, invincible creatures. I can’t fight them, I’m down to three dwarves! And only a half dozen men!

JM: (to Airella) It appears this dwarf has had too much alcohol already.

AR: I concur.

GA: I’ll go get them for you. I’ll fight them.

Burdak: Oh Geneva, I’m not gonna make my bills. I won’t make my debts. The town’s out of metal. We’re melting stuff down to make anew.

JM: (quietly) Uh oh.

The shardmind starts to glow, and walks out of the tavern.

AR: I wonder what that glowing orb is? Has anyone seen it before?

GA: It’s one of the spooks! (he gets up and runs after it)

Burdak: Ah! It’s one of them! (falls out of his stool.)

Geneva pulls her massive hammer off of the wall, and takes a defensive stance.

GA: I’ll get it!

While the shardmind runs, his chains rattle against each other. A glowing blue orb seems to b e floating off into the night.

AR: Hey, do you know what the heck that is? Have you ever seen that beast or spirit before?

Geneva: I’ve never seen one before in my life!

AR: Do you perceive danger? Is that why you took down your hammer?

Geneva: It’s one of the ghosts he was talking about!


At this point, the warforged is also out the door and running after them. Thunk. Khsss. Thunk. Khss.

Geneva: Although, he was much like… there was one standing out on the corner for a couple weeks now. Don’t quite know what he was up to.

AR: But now you say these ghosts could be taking a different form?

Geneva: But you saw it! He lit up like a globe and floated out!

AR: Dwarf, does it look like the ghosts of which you speak?

Burdak: I don’t know! I don’t know if I’m even awake anymore.

AR: Well, assuming you are awake, does it look like one of the ghosts that you’ve seen?

Burdak: Bah! Not even. The other ones were… black.

AR: Interesting.

Burdak: Everything was black!

AR: Well I’m gonna go have a look around and see if I can find that glowing individual again.

Burdak: Godspeed!

Goraxxe soon tackles the shardmind to the ground.

GA: Why are you scaring him!?

Wait. Friend. Wait. Friend. Desist. Cease.

GA: (standing up) Why are you scaring him? Poor ol’ dwarf.

ZO: I was going to see the mines.

GA: Why?

ZO: Man said there was ghosts. Ghouls.

GA: (looking closely) I’ve never seen a ghost before…

ZO: Not a ghost. Shardmind.

GA: But… not a ghost. Okay!

Soon the warforged catches up to them.

ZO: (to warforged) Greetings, cousin.

Airella is awakened from her bed by the sound of dwarven crying from downstairs. She goes to investigate, and finds Burdak in tears.

AR: Burdak, please come with me outside where we can further discuss your ails.

Burdak: They’re gonna k-k-k-kill meeee.

AR: With me by your side, I promise I will defend you.

Burdak: You’re so small!

AR: I might be small in stature, but as you know, size is not really important when it comes to heart.

The shardmind, warforged and half-orc start heading back towards the tavern.

ZO: Come, I’ll buy you a drink.

JM: That won’t be necessary.

AR: Please, Burdak, come with me. I promise to assist you however I can.

Burdak wipes away some tears and nods. He gets up and start heading for the door.

Burdak: Yeah…

Just as they get outside, the three that left in chase get back to the tavern.

AR: Ah! Friends. Just in time. Again we meet. Goraxxe, Journeyman, who is this man with you?

ZO: Not a man.

JM: Him and I are similar.

ZO: We are cousins.

As Burdak leaves, a group of humanoids come out of the shadows, heading directly for him. The party defends Burdak, but sustain some wounds. One of the assassins was a Dark One, but he got away. There was also a thri-kreen, a shardmind, and 4 humans.

GA: Burdak, who were those guys?

Burdak: I don’t need your charity.

GA: Well this should help a little.

Burdak: I staked this mine by myself. I don’t need your charity or your help. Tonight was more than enough.

GA: Well, if you don’t want it, I’ll keep it.

Enemies? (to burdak)

Burdak: You gotta stop that.

AR: Agreed.

ZO: Stop what?

Burdak: At least when I’m drunk.

With that, the party heads to the inn. Goraxxe makes sure Burdak is escorted safely to the watch house, where he spends the night in a secured jail cell.

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