The Settling of Raven’s Roost

In this game, the party will be caught up in the affairs of a single town, hiding away in the wilderness where imperial forces won’t bother them. The town is Raven’s Roost. It was founded by a group of rebels from the nearby Tyberion Empire. Many of the of the town’s founders are former Tyberion soldiers, and even more are former adventurers of some sort.

However, it has been years since the battle was fought for the land, and all of a sudden things are looking grim for the future of Raven’s Roost. The mine is recently abandoned, the forests are being heavily guarded by fey or orc, the mill is overrun, and food is getting scarce for a population that is growing.

All it takes is a small group of hearty adventurers to bring some resolution to the troubles of the Roost. Who will stand up on this day of peril?

Raven's Roost

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